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Nawaz Sharif To Be In Politics After 2022

Sami Ibhrahim has conducted a show on the future of Nawaz Sharif in the light of horoscopes the questions that he arose were
Will nawaz sharif be ruling again or maryam will take over?

The expert in the show told that Nawaz Sharif is under the sufferings due to the effects of Saturn planet.

Nawaz Sharif will be in hard times till 23 March 2020 because he is under the hardship of this planet but he will face these hardships continuously. Then he will again be in hot water from July 1 to dec 20 , 2020 after that it will be over and he will be out of these things but before that it will be really hard time for him .

This comes after every 30 years, which he is going through , on every human’s life. It will leave him in financial problems till the time this crises will continue for around coming two and half years.

His horoscope is telling that in Feb 2022 he will be back in politics and he will get oxygen in politics  but whenever he will come it’s for two or three years .He can’t fulfill his term his planet will not let him settle down.
He is a bit unlucky in this regard

The video link is here

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