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Sethi’s reply to question on Bajwa’s extension

The Famous anchor Najam Sethi opened up about army chiefs’s extension on a question by viewer that why Imran Khan has extended Army chief’s term?

It’s not astonishing that extension was given to General Qamar Javed Bajwa as it was already stated by close journalists of establishment , the journalists were giving clues about extension time to time. Through these speculations we got the idea that where the wind is blowing and we came to know. It was clear how Imran Khan was helped throughout after elections in formation of the government. PTI itself says we and establishment are on the same page, so it was obvious that he had to be given extension but why did he have to decide three months before his retirement ,besides this, mostly people were waiting for army and govt’s conflicts etc.

The main threat was from Maryam too when she started talking about establishment on Kashmir issue unnecessarily it was a threat to govt and establishment , Maryam came on front foot with aggressive attitude , this is why she was imprisoned because of her anti government attitude. Otherwise Opposition is also not much vocal on it,they seem to have agreement with it as no body commented about extensions.

Maulana Fazl -ul-Rehman was so quiet which was astonishing so,the matter is already wrapped up only media people like us are trying to explain it.

Imran Khan extended Bajwa’s service because those who helped him during start are now backed by him also his party people are not reliable. So it’s good to have establishment with them.

The philosophy is simple and yes Imran Khan has taken ninety nine u-turns and this one is mother of u-turns.

Previously you all know he was against Kiani’s extension and he appreciated Raheel Sharif’s refusal to extension.

The above detailed note is the view of Najam Sethi simplified in words.

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