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Pakistan is not jealous of chandrayaan mission ,DG ISPR

Indian media is ,as always making speculations about the failed soft landing of Vikram lander.

DG ISPR being the most active serving person with regard to social media, posted a video on his Twitter along with the caption,

“Here it comes… never too late.
Pakistanis aren’t jealous especially for a step that has the potential to serve human progress, by whosoever.

In the video the Indian anchors lashes out in frustration that is NASA behind the failure of chandrayaan 2 mission? , someone who has to reach the moon in 2024 is behind this , he was referring to NASA. The anchor said NASA doesn’t want any nation to reach moon before it that’s why there might be chances that NASA is behind the failure of Soft landing mission of Vikram Lander

He said “Did NASA do this with the help of ISI?

To that ,DG ISPR replied that ,
” Pakistan is not jealous of any country who is contributing in the human progress , be it India or any other nation .

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