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Imran Khan Reaches Murree Without Any Protocol

The blockade of roads for VIP personalities is a common practice is our country. PM Imran khan has always been critical of the VIP treatment of some individuals. When he came in power, the first step he took was to ensure nobody gets VIP protocol.

But despite all his good intentions, PM Imran Khan has been unable to stop some of his ministers and party leaders from taking huge protocols. Although, We have never seen PM Imran Khan taking big protocols and creating hurdles for common people.

In such an instance, Prime Minister was yesterday spotted without any protocols while he visited Murree for the first time ever. Prime Minister was accompanied by just three vehicles and no roads were blocked. This is the first time ever when a Prime Minister visited Murree and no roads were blocked.

In the past, we have seen former Prime Minister taking a big convoy of vehicles along with them whatever place they visited but Imran Khan has set a new example for everyone.

Imran Khan will be spending two days in Murree at the Government house Kashmir.

Watch the video below

وزیراعظم عمران خان گورنمنٹ ہاؤس کشمیر پوائنٹ مری پہنچ گئے، وزیراعظم عمران خان گورنمنٹ ہاؤس مری میں 2 روز قیام کریں گے،…

Gepostet von PTI Official Videos am Montag, 9. September 2019

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