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Vikram Lander located at moon surface

According to the news running in India the orbiter has found Vikram Lander , it  has been located  due to high resolution camera. ISRO is finding out where it exactly is and ISRO is trying to give command to the shuttle. ISRO will keep on communicating with the Vikram Lander for around 14 days as there is a due time till that you can communicate so according to that ISRO still has chance to communicate through it.

The connections has not yet been developed with the Vikram Lander

ISRO is trying to find out why just the landing failed right before it was two kilometers away. The data is being analyzed because it lost communication when it was 300 km away from landing .ISRO has not revealed the detailed regarding connecting to Vikram Lander but for nation it is a good news that some hope arose in this time.

Indian Media seems to be hopeful or they are trying to console their nation .It is just can’t be figured out but as per their previous fabrication of stories it’s hard to believe them.

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