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Reham Khan dirty Face blaming Army at indian Channel

At a time when all the Pakistani nation is standing behind it’s armed forces because of the ongoing tension with India. Reham Khan on an Indian channel was seen spewing venom against Pakistan army.

Talking to the Indian television channel Reham Khan said that Pakistan army doesn’t need to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan because when you have a puppet who agrees with everything you tell him then you don’t need to change him.

She went on to add that even if someone else replaces Imran Khan, he will be a puppet of the army. Reham Khan said that currently in Pakistani politics there are many politicians who are ready to be puppets of the army.

The ex wife of Imran Khan said that real change will come only if free and fair elections are held unlike the previous election which were held somewhere else. She was accusing Pakistan army of rigging the election. Reham Khan added that in the past army had some role in the politics but Imran Khan has changed the dynamics of Pakistani politics by becoming a puppet of the army.

Furthermore, Reham Khan added that Imran Khan is a trend setter. And now he has set the trend that without being a puppet of the army you can not be elected as the Prime Minister. She was of the opinion that despite his mistakes over the year including Kashmir, nobody is questioning him because he is backed by the army.

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