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Planning behind chandriyan 2 Story starts from 2008

It all started back in 2008 when Indian government tried to make the world believe that it is ahead of most of the world’s nations in technology. Indian engineers also predicted that just as America, India too will be able to land on moon. India after buying space technology from america started a space mission which they name Chandrayaan one.

In October 2008 India initiated its first space mission. But due to India’s arrogance and mistakes Chandrayaan one demolished in air in August 2009. Just a few years ago, the news of restarting the same mission with the name of Chandrayaan-2 started doing the rounds. India’s body language and attitude was no different than the first time.

In July 2019 India restarted its mission Chandrayaan-2 with the aim to explore water and minerals. For this purpose India used its most powerful rocket GSLV mark 3.

Indian engineers spend five years in initiating Chandrayaan-2 and billions of dollars were spent. To accomplish this mission as much as one thousand aeronautical engineers worked with some help from american experts.

Chandrayaan-2 was scheduled to land on the earth’s surface on September six. Everything was alright until September five and Chandrayaan-2 was set to make its landing after covering a distance for more than a month. But the night it was supposed to land, it lost its contact with the control room. Despite all the efforts the control room couldn’t reestablish its contact.

India was so sure about the success of it’s space mission that PM Modi also went to see Chandrayaan-2 landing.

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