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Our Police Needs Modern Reforms on Urgent Basis

Qasim Ali Shah who is a youth influencer and motivational speaker talks about police reforms he said that the whole Police department should be reformed strictly and we should use modern ways of interrogation. Police’s behavior is the biggest question mark it is so embarrassing and brutal.

The world thinks that thumb is not enough for the identity of a person, they do interrogation and inspection through eyes because the cornea of the eye is different from all human beings. World use neuro linguistic programming NLP in which the interrogation is done or read through eyeball movement that a person is right or wrong .

Interrogation in the world is way ahead than it is in here , worldwide it is checked through I Q’s and behavioral studies. Facts should be data-based here as they are in west  like in France the incident happened and within half and hour they have  got to know what happened .

Officers in Pakistan are not good towards the subordinates in the police department that’s why they show aggression to weaker  out of weaker eg Salahuddin or any kid or any poor lady.

In Punjab within five days we have come to see the brutalities of police, the history is full of Salahuddin’s. We need a whole model reformed police department. If the police would know I can be behind the bars then I guarantee you things will change.

The system is so deteriorated in the police that they can’t change such a system rather new ppl adjust in it.

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