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Last Moments of Chandrayaan 2

India was happy cherishing the landing of Vikram lander on the moon when they were 4.43 kilometer away from landing. The rough breaking phase was successfully completed and they were waiting for the descent operation and the fine breaking phase of operation. All including Prime Minister Modi were happily waiting for fine breaking phase but suddenly the wait took longer , the scientists expression started to change where they got to know they couldn’t make it as the connection and link to the spacecraft was lost and Modi’s expressions unexpectedly changed as they were doing a live transmission of the whole mission and were hopeful for success but it didn’t happen. The Indian media confirmed later that the mission was unsuccessful probably for the first time they admitted their failure.

It’s not about to celebrate the success, it is natural emotion but the thing that has a negative impact is bullying the nations as Indians do , they not only , bully Pakistan on international forums but Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more who are on their hit list and most of all the curse of Kashmiri nation is the reason that has drowned them and due to which their happiness turned into mourn.

We don’t celebrate their failure but we want to let India know to ponder what they are sowing in Kashmir which will be hard to reap.

The curfews in Kashmir , sabotaging the peace and cutting off the communication and the expectations were to lauch the spacecrafts on moon, the relationships on earth with creation are on its end and they are reaching up to moon and it isn’t what you call a humanly idea . we agree science is not based on emotions but its experiments are tried and tested and error and trail is part of the process but there is the creator “Allah ” up there and knows when and where a mission has to be successful.

دیکھیں کسطرح مودی اور اس کے سائنسدانوں کی خوشی غمی میں بدل گئی۔ وکرم لینڈر چاند سے کیول 2 کلو میٹر پہلے کریش کر گیا۔ 😂

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