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Inside Story of US and Afghan Taliban Negotiations

Orya Maqbool Jan in his show explained what all has happened in US and Afghan Taliban’s negotiations in Afghanistan.

He narrated whole story and said that,
“It has been more than 17 years since the US has not understood Afghanistan. It only wants to comprehend what it wants to be comprehended. 17 years ago when 9/11 happened the negotiator from US came to Mullah Umar and asked for Osama bin laden that hand him over to the US but Mullah Umar denied handing over Osama bin laden to him. He said I can’t do it being a Pashtoon it is against my traditions. I can’t do that because Pashtoon gives their life but doesn’t actually give up on whom they have given safe passage it strictly goes against our values.

Mullan Umar said to keep this issue in front of All Muslims scholars and at least give me proof of why do I handover Osma bin laden to you.

US left and made a video as a proof and Mullah Umar watched and asked can you give death sentence to Bin laden on this video, they said no. Then why are you expecting this from me.

Then Mullah Umar suggested bring the fatwa or opinion from all Muslim scholars against him and I will hand him over to US.

Then the US got worried as everything was going against them then they decided to leave Afghanistan as they were completely defeated. Negotiations have been started. Many sessions have been done. Trained negotiators are brought into scenario who came up with presentations of information about Afghanistan and they brought data of road networks,structure, infrastructure illiteracy rates and literacy rates on which Afghan talibans said we know all the facts about our territory. What are you telling us about?

The US said we have identified people whom you have to hand us over. Taliban refused straight and said we can’t as they are peaceful people you can’t dictate us, yes they won’t come in your territory and will not harm you. So, if you make govt what law will you enforce, asked by US. Well, we are free we will do what we want what will you do of daesh , asked by the US, you made Daesh you trained them you may take them back.

Most importantly, the US army needs to be withdrawn as we will make our own army , It is the wisdom of true Muslims “.

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