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Pakistan Army Pay Tribute To Martyrs of Nation At GHQ

The people who are sacrificing their lives and attaining martyrdom have to be saluted and lauded. We should all make efforts on personal level to bring the achievements and sacrifices of our army personals to light. Pakistan Army personals including army COAS ,Gen Asim Ghafoor and a lot of people there get emotional after seeing tribute to the martyrs .Pakistan Army Pay Tribute To Martyrs of Nation At GHQ.

They sacrifice their lives for our tomorrow. These soldiers serve their lives for our future by let their families depending on the Allah Almighty.The brave sons of this nation have once again proved that no one can even think of damaging the sovereignty of this country. Till we have brave army men like the ones who got the bullet in their chest for the sake of upholding the Pakistani flag, we should not be worried.

At the end i would say  Salute the young officers who fall in love with their uniform. They are ever ready to leave their families behind in their determination to provide safety to all the families of our country. Salute the savior who come to help in tiring times of calamities.

The Pakistani nation always stood behind its army and our valiant soldiers will render all sacrifices for national security  and the relations between the Pakistan Army and people would become stronger with every passing day.On this occasion Pakistan Army Pay Tribute To Martyrs of Nation At GHQ that would everyone eyes filled with tears of pride.


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