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Narender Modi Leaves Disappointed After India Second Moon Landing Mission Fails

India has failed yet again in it’s mission of landing on moon. This is the second failed attempt by the Indian Government. Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi was present in the headquarters of the Indian Space Agency to witness Indian space mission land on moon.

Indian space agency lost the contact with its space mission Chandrayaan-2, minutes before its landing on moon. It is believed that Chandrayaan-2 lander crashed into the surface of the moon. After the mission failed Prime Minister Narender Modi was seen consoling the teary-eyed head of Indian Space Agency.

When Modi was told about the failure of the mission, he was seen walking disappointed out of the headquarters. According to Indian Space Agency head they lost contact with their space mission when it was 2.1 Kilometers away from the surface of the moon.

It was India’s second attempt to land on moon. Before this, they failed to make a successful landing on the surface of the moon back in 2008. Meanwhile, America, China and Japan have successfully conducted their space missions.

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