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Gen Zia’s Blatant Reply To Keep Nuclear Program Intact

How did the United States tried to trap Zia-ul-Haq to snatch the  nuclear bomb from Pakistan ? To which Zia-ul-Haq put his eyes in to their eyes and replied with his firm stance  ,the response that led him to a death specially designed for him By United States of America and if at that moment Zia Ul Haq would have compromised on the nuclear assets Pakistan could never become a nuclear power. It was his patriotism that he didn’t compromise and said to US that there is no price of freedom.
Here is full interview and you can see how did he fight for our nuclear program .He stood firm that’s why USA planned his death

You want to use nuclear power to create nuclear energy?

That’s right.

The quickest way for you to be able to really embark on a true program of developing that energy is to sign the Nuclear non proliferation program of developing that energy is to sign the Nuclear non -proliferation treaty.
If you would do that, within a day you would have fifty lear jets from American manufacturers telling you how they could help you create a nuclear facility that would generate civilian electricity.
But you won’t sign that nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Will you?

Why would you do that?
John, Freedom has no price . It is a precious possession of any nation. And it is not that we want energy and pay a price which Pakistan should do it at the cost of its freedom, of its autonomy.No! we will not buy energy at that price.
Because we feel that stoppage of proliferation in this part of the nuclear energy for nonpeaceful purposes, for military purposes is not dependent on Pakistan but on Pakistan and India . Therefore there must be a regional approach.

Journalist: You are letting India dictate your foreign policy?
Oh no! We will not! We will not allow India to do and we will not do so for India.
Journalist: They are doing it though, they are de facto doing it. You could create a very strong nuclear energy program if you would not let India dictate to you in an effort to veto the nuclear non- proliferation treaty.
No John it is not my way of thinking. I think we have brought India to a stage and we’ve brought American thinking to a stage where they’re all agreeing with Pakistan that there must be a regional approach to the NPT for Pakistan and India.

Isn’t it true that you want to keep India off balanced and that’s why you are involved in nuclear activity.

No Sir!

Isn’t it true that you regard the bomb as the great equalizer?

Gen Zia: not, negative, we are not in competition with India but we love our FREEDOM and we love our AUTONOMY.

and we will not allow India to bully us

Now that doesn’t mean we should have a bomb.  But if I can make the USA and others think what I am saying is the truth. We’ll have.
Me President you have got the best of all worlds. You’ve created an illusion and that would be your word, that you gave he bomb but you don’t have the bomb so you still gonna get the American aid and you’re still gonna keep India off-balance.

Gen Zia: I am not indulging in self-praise but Pakistanis are intelligent people.

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