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Pakistan Launches Upgraded Version Of Burraq Drone

Pakistan launches its own drone, named Burraq. It is upgradation of previously launched drone as Pakistan launched Burraq three years ago .

It is  a locally-produced drone equipped with Selex Galileo technology which can successfully hit its target at a height of fifteen thousand feet.

Achieving key goals in defense technology, drones are armed with missile technology, the Burraq drone is a masterpiece and outcome of the capabilities of Pakistani scientists and engineers. The electric drone can fly for up to 10 hours at an altitude of 15,000 feet.

The missile is completely manufactured in Pakistan and is capable of successfully hitting its target. Electro-Selex is a drone with the Galileo technology.

Shaheer drone, also used by the Armed Forces previously, has been developed locally to monitor borders. At present, more than eight companies in Pakistan are working on drone techno logistics, including the private sector.

All drone technology projects are under the management of the Strategic Plan Division. Pakistan is also exporting surveillance drones to several countries including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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