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Orya Claimed Hindu Nationalists are worst at Nazism and Fascism

Orya says that its not as easy as we think we can get Kashmir .Orya Claimed that Hindu Nationalists are worst at Nazism and Fascism. Since the assumption of power by Narendra Modi after the 2014 general elections, the Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) has penetrated in the Indian Intelligence Bureau and other national security organs with a purpose to silence its opponents, build narrative about the reality of Hindu nationalism and establish the tutelage of Bharatiya Janata Party under Modi.

India may be democratic in nature under Modi, but has marginal tolerance to hear the voices of dissent and opposition to the dominant state narrative and uses the acts of coercion, suppression, threats, arrests, espionage and curbing all sorts of criticism that purpose, the ruling party uses state organs to conduct surveillance of activities of those who are considered a threat to state’s imposed ideology.

Indian Ideology from the very start considered the only place for Hindus to live only and in their thoughts they might have expelled people of other religion from their country or forcefully convert them into Hindus. This is the main Ideology of BJP government and they are following this fascism very smartly. This would strengthen fascists mindset in India that would not good for anyone at all.



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