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OIC Is Over Now ,Says Zaid Hamid

Zaid hamid has said in a talk show that OIC forum is officially over as Malaysian PM said in Turkey that Pakistan,Malaysia and Turkey should have their own military block as Pakistan is militarily strong and we are economically strong.

We need to develop our strong block as attack  one country to be considered attack on considered, our forces needs to be deployed within our countries later on we will gather more Muslim countries in our block. We need such relations  to be developed with Muslim Ummah.
OIC solely works in Arabs interest they have hold on it and it is use less for Muslim unmah as Arabs have sold their identity to west and Indians.

They have temples in UAE they worship Jay shri Raam to please Modi and also it is a Hadith that Day of judgement will not happen unless a group in Arabs will be converted to non believers and same is happening in UAE.

We can’t standby our stance in front of Arabs because we beg from them , we didn’t offer security to them we could offer them total security, our laborers work there. We didn’t make them dependent on us. We sent General Raheel Sharif but that whole project was short down and government didn’t do anything in that regard. that’s why our relationships are being subbotaged on international front  by India. We have a central policy for Arab and Iran but we can balance relations with Iran and Arabs.

Iran fought against sanctions through diplomacy, they didn’t do war , we could do this if we had real foreign minister.
Foreign minister isn’t doing anything and when India was removing article 3/70  what were they doing didn’t you know what were they doing as India took USA on board on this but you were in aware , how is it possible?

We don’t have any hopes from this govt’s foreign policy. They are wasting time .

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