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Mamta Acclaiming that India’s moon mission is FAKE

Minister of West Bengal Mamta Acclaiming that India’s  moon mission is FAKE. It is just to drew attention of people from severe economic crisis also to not to rise kashmir issue in their media. As Indian media is working on Modi Agenda. They have directly given instruction to promote fake moon mission.

As during recent Floods that leads a lot of destruction in India but to avoid such heavy issues they are focusing on Fake Moon Mission. Mamta also said that Modi government is not showing any interest in development of people and infrastructure. They just propagate their people by influencing their Media and promote their culture.

Economic growth of india has slumped for the fifth straight quarter to an over six-year low of 5% in the three months ended June as consumer demand and private investment slowed amid deteriorating global environment. Mamta including many other politicians in India know these fake publicity is just to promote their narrative and drew attension of Indian people from Kahmir which was suffering brutalities of Indian government from last 32 days.

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