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Kashmiri Youth Crossed LOC Today

Kashmiri Youth has Crossed Line Of Control and have reached to the Pakistani side of Kashmir.
They said there was a lot of social media campaign by many of Kashmiris that we are Kashmiri and we will fight for our home land but when we started to cross LOC they all were dispersed only 10 to 12 boys have left who just crossed LOC. We are sitting way ahead of LOC. They said we started into a rally we were a gathering of many people but till the time we reached to Pakistan, we were left in a few people only. All others left the rally because they got scared of firing and grenades. But we have come here to embrace martyrdom. They said neither it’s Indian war, nor it’s Pakistani war. It is our war and we have to fight. Meanwhile, this time 5 to 6 small hand grenades  were fired. On which the youth said Allah o Akbar recited Kalma and said In she Allah, Freedom is near.

They said neither USA will help us nor International world as it’s our problem, they said to their fellow Kashmiris to wake their self respect and come forward that is how we can get freedom only.

They were not scared of anything, all they wanted were to be part of their freedom movement.  They escaped hand grenades but they were in Pakistan and chanted freedom slogans.

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