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Brief Details Of Pakistan Missile System

Pakistan Missile system is Invincible. From Ballistic to Cruise Pakistan has wide range of missiles making it one of the most powerful countries of the world.

The Pakistan missiles arsenal include Hatf-1 (travels upto 70 Kilometers),  Hatf-2 Abdali (80 Kilometers), Hatf-3 Ghaznavi (320 Kilometers), Hatf-4 Shaheen 1 (750 Kilometers), Hatf-5 Ghauri 1 (1500 Kilometers), Hatf-6 Shaheen 2 (2000 Kilometers) and Shaheen 3 (2700 Kilometers).

Ababeel is another top notch missile Pakistan possess which can successfully shot multiple targets within the range of 2220 Kilometers. Hatf-8 ra’ad has the shooting range of 350 Kilometers. It’s a cruise technology subsonic missile.

one of the most powerful and important Missile Pakistan has is Nasr missle which the ISPR described as Multi-tube Ballistic Missile. Just recently, on 30th may Pakistan conducted successful test of Shaheen II missile. It has a shooting range of 1500 Kilometers.

Pakistan navy also conducted successful test of cruise missile which has the ability to shoot its target both on and off the sea.

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