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India About to launch Fake Afghani Terrorist attack in Kashmir

In India Narendra  Modi is planning Pulwama type of terrorist attacks in Jammu Kashmir also it is reported that locals of Jammu and Kashmir have seen Pashtoon speaking Afghans in Kashmir, who are provided by Afghanistan for Indian plans , who are going to attack Jammu and Kashmir, as I already said that the Pulwama attack was an inside job of India likewise they are planning these kind of attacks in Jammu and Kashmir to declare Kashmiris and Pakistanis  terrorist internationally and it was later on proved that India had planned and executed those attacks in Pulwama.

I also am warning to Indians that Modi is also planning attacks within India.

How can Kashmir do such attacks with a lot of curfews and restrictions where they are not even allowed to go to mosques?

Pulwama attack’s outrage was faced by Jammu and Kashmiri people I don’t want such thing to happen again and what will Pakistan get by doing this who is already facing a lot of problems.
Anything like terrorist attacks if happen will be because of India and RSS because they are the real terrorists.


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