Video of a horrific killing of a Pakistani student in Beijing China

Posted on November 19, 2018 User Submitted, Viral Videos


Video of a horrific killing of a Pakistani student in plain public view in Beijing China and people just casuallt strolled by.
Osama Ahmad Khan was a Civil Engineering Student at Shenyang University.
He was dating a Chinese girl which can be seen here trying to protect him. Her close relatives are “Honor Killing” the Pakistani student.
the most disturbing part is the insensitivity of the chinese people .
The Boy’s head is being crushed by stones and he is being killed while sone Chinese are making this video and others are not bothered to intervene and stop the murderers.
There has been no update if the killers have been aprehended by Chinese authorities or not..
This is the second such case this year in China.
Centuries of Killing female babies and resultant shortage of women in Chinese culture makes a chinese woman a very sort after commodity and family members giving her hand to the highest bidder.
Likewise with better economy and Chinese having more money, racism is also rampant and “How dare a foreigner date our girl” type mentality is very common.
Shortage of women in China made Chinese men sex hungry wolves who will rip apart any competition.
It can be said that Chin ais not a safe country for Pakistani students.