Posted on October 5, 2017 Articles

The accountability court is hearing very vital corruption cases against the ousted premier Nawaz Sharif and his kith and kin. The hearings of these cases are very sensitive and require no distraction. Coming and going of the ministers and the party’s workers in the premises of the court seems to be a tactic to pressurize it. The most crucial thing to comprehend is that these cases are over and against a family and not over a political party.
The court has already suggested the political heads to avoid taking ministers with them whenever they had to appear before the court. Unfortunately, the leaders of PML-N did not follow what was ordered. They spent about half of their ruling tenure in defending their chief and his family. The ministers’ time is very precious and they should not waste it the way they are doing. Denial of the interior minister to the court by the Rangers has given a very bad impression at the international level.
Instead of finding ways to reduce the foreign loans and mending the twisted foreign policy, the whole center of attention of the ministers is over saving the Sharif family. One thing is very lucid that the process of accountability is the need of time and should move on in any case.
Ministers, who do not have time to meet a common man or even get their departments out of the crisis, are creating another crisis, which is too precarious to handle – messing with the establishment unduly. There are a number of experiences similar to that has been done in the past, but all of them failed, and the result was martial law. It is better to stop poking nose in institutions’ matters. Let them do their work. People of Pakistan want democracy in the country at any cost, but with it, they also want accountability.
If Sharif family considers itself innocent and free from corruption charges, it should appear before the court on a regular basis and provide the necessary documents and evidences. The court has also issued non-bailable warrants of the offspring of Nawaz Sharif owing to their disappearance. This of course is not a good omen and will lead towards intensification of the clash.
The courts are liberated and judiciary, which is one of three crucial branches of the state, is doing a stupendous job. It is hearing cases against the opponents of PML-N too. It is hoped that the accountability process that was the need of the time has been started in Pakistan. And now one can consider oneself a proud citizen of a country where law is equal for everyone.
The government seems utterly in a mood to confront with the establishment that is why it finds everything that is not in its favor a ‘Saazish’. The democratic forces need to understand that without accountability, the democracy will not be strengthened. Therefore, it is obvious that the process of accountability is the beauty of democracy and need of the hour. Last but not least, the ministers should focus over their work and let this process move on smoothly.

By :Junaid Ali Malik