Mahira and Nouman Ali Khan controversies showed the true nature of Pakistanis

Posted on October 3, 2017

Discussing personal affairs of others has become our national habit. We as a nation need to follow moral and ethical values to spend a prosperous life. The recent event of Mahria Khan puffing with Ranbeer Kapoor on the street of New York shook the internet severely. Then the controversy surrounding Nouman Ali Khan’s chitchat on Whatsapp got hyped. Though both of these happenings have nothing to do with each other, they if truth be told showed our intents.
As they came on limelight, the social media breed got a first-class chance to discuss them unreservedly as if it was their natural, social, and legal right.
The warriors on social media, in particular on Twitter, spared a lot of time discussing her dress and his Whatsapp chat with a girl. #Mahirakhan remained the top trend on Twitter for days. NAK is still being discussed.
In the case of NAK, things really required interpretation that he did later on. He clarified his position by denying the status of the messages and termed it a conspiracy against him. Before he clarified things, people started criticizing him. Some came out to support him.
Generally speaking, things are so messed up on social media. It has become so plain sailing to thrash out others inconsiderately.
This is not only the case with the major segment of the nation, but our national institutions are also following suit. Thieves are beaten on the roads of Karachi, the police remain silent; two young brothers are beaten to death on the roads of Sialkot, people keep on recording the miserable scenes, police as usual remain silent. There are a number of tragic incidents where we will find ourselves happy-go-lucky – some of these incidents can even be found over YouTube.
Youths need to put their efforts in doing some innovative things; and, in this regard, the role of real and spiritual parents cannot be ignored. Social media needs to be used for positive purposes – finding and sharing educational and creative stuff is one of them. It should not be used for spreading lies and discussing others’ personal matters.
Lastly, we need to remember the truth that our words might hurt others’ feelings. It is better to find positivity instead of negativity in everything we and others do. And if we cannot do this, it is better to remain hush up.