Limitation of urbanization

Posted on September 10, 2017

Open Letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan
Subject: Limitation of urbanization
Dear Sir
I hope you will receive this letter with good health; I would like to have your attention on a very serious upcoming problem after result of 2017 census.
In the census it has been informed that whole Lahore district considered as urban area which means any cultivation land can be converted into residential/commercial area without any prior notice.
This is clearly an action to please the property developers which are almost the main fund donor in all big political parties. Further to have good relation with biggest developer DHA operated by biggest institution of the holy land.

Due to above reason, I request to take action for the limitation of urban land and have strict ban to convert the cultivation land into residential/ commercial plotting.
In order to fulfil the housing unit requirement please look into consideration of vertical construction rather than horizontal construction.
I believe it is very hard to take up this case because it will affect all elite club of Pakistan, but to have save the future generation of Pakistan someone has to start.

A common man