Imran Khan should go into detail on his 4-point agenda

Posted on August 16, 2017 Articles

After the disqualification of former prime minister, Imran Khan has reinstated his agenda for a Naya Pakistan and he has consistently mentioned the outcome of those points he has raised eg. merit in the institution and on recruitments. He has unfortunately not been able to convey the due process through which he intends to implement those points he raised in the 13th August Liaqat Bagh Jalsa.
What Pakistan – and especially Imran Khan – needs, is to discuss the process through which he will enforce his agenda. Moreover, he needs to introduce new ordinances in law in order to show his intent to his voter and by doing it he will, on one hand get the hang of problems involving those ordinances and, on the other hand expose the muk-mukka of PPP and PMLN.