English Media in Pakistan

Posted on August 12, 2017 Articles

There are different resources to provide information such as “Television, Newspaper, Magazines, and Radio etc.” Initially people used to listen radio for the sake of getting information. Then Television came and people started to watch news or dramas or entertainer program on TV. In early days News is telecasted twice time in a single day and people had to wait for watching news whole day. At different timing different news were provided in different languages such as English, Urdu and Sindhi.
Presently there are many private channels have lunched which provide news in different languages such English, Urdu, Sindhi Panjabi, Pashto, etc. If we talk about English News channels so some famous English news channels are in Pakistani media such as Dawn, Express PTV. As you know English is the official language of Pakistan then according to OnlineIndus news should be provide in English language. There are several reason behind it, we will discuss about few facts. Here we discuss about major facts about English News.
About 400 million people understand English languages worldwide so we can deliver our massages worldwide by English language news. English is also known as standardizing language in the world. Whenever global talks are discussed English language bring all people at one platform.
English is also welcomed about half of the world. About 52 countries have English as official language including Pakistan. According to these facts OnlineIndus welcomed on its website.
In Pakistan there are many English newspaper and channels are there which are providing news in English such Dawn, Express, daily Time etc. These news channels have also their websites. It easy to get information easily by website form anywhere many people read newspaper in the morning in case if someone can’t read newspaper so he can read news by website. It is a great facility for those who are fond of reading news in English language.
OnlineIndus is also considered the best English news site in Pakistan. Onlineindus bring the hot latest topic on its website which is today’s need, these topics are written by many famous authors. OnlineIndus recommends English news to those who want pass Commission papers or want to take PCS papers because it has already been told that there all global issues or changes are discussed In English so if someone reads or watch news in English so it will be beneficial for him/or her. These are the fact about English News that how much English News helpful and important for our daily life.