China, a wise Buffalo!

Posted on May 21, 2017

In the current time of amplification, Pakistan is spotting now in a hanging position with the alliance to China on the matter of CPEC, due to the substantial Chinese investment in regards of this great developing venture. Unsurprisingly, all the weighted decisions would have been carried out by the China in which Pakistan has to transport their services as by renting its resources.

Earlier, Pakistan has obeyed number of commandments of Chinese government to maintain stability in the country as per China desired. China won’t consent any purpose of having black crimes in its capital that have been transported into the Pakistani resources. Along with that, China has been involved tangibly at the security and defense issues concerning in the Pakistan premises to protect the picture of China’s wealth in reflecting of as Pakistan.

Further, China is now looking forward to combine its associates with the Pakistan’s Banking industry by placing “Bank of China” at the central site. Undoubtedly, China has high intentions to play the game of wealth by consuming its reserves to make its economy healthier, in short; challenging US’s economy by lashing against it. By capitalizing its reserves in Pakistan, China would have posturing a huge deal in the financial market.

US dollar measured as the world’s best economic currency, all the world trade have been carried out by it, including all the big nations that have natural or artificial resources. It is completely a deniable factor that one could play with the US currency, immensely to possible. Yet China is being longing to force the US economy at the collapse and to transmit its own currency “Yuan” in the exchange market successfully.

Certainly it’s a remarkable outlook for the Pakistan’s economic well-being in the international market by conferring the CPEC, but it wouldn’t create any further value in its own resources because of having less hand than China. It would be extremely wonderful for the Pakistani banking industry by unloading “Bank of China” but how bad if Pakistan then loses its inclusive strength of their owned banks. Surely, number of individuals would desire to track the services of Chinese bank by placing their surplus into it and then recognize huge interests on their investments.

It is no doubt that China has better workforce, capital, management and principles than Pakistan, and by utilizing these terms, china will surely attain the much attention of the Pakistani resources as well as monetary benefits in a very short period.

Comparatively, China leftovers the top nation among the others in trading of the products and services around the globe, from the tiny toys to the huge industrial machinery, China have been trading their services by reducing the initial costs to avail the attention of low community standards. Usually, China has not been trusted as one reliable commodity merchant due to its cheapness and low quality values but besides that it known for its number of offerings in the market than any other. China is the only nation that offers many services than any other trading nation; few are the most exceeding services that exports to all over the globe by China: Scholarships, labour force, toys, electronic appliances, equipment, medicines & so on.

A phrase which personally had kicked my mind and thus; turned into a nasty but one logical fact. There are no such physical wars, neither any baring of weapons but just one thing revolving among the nations “It’s a war going on of just Wealth”.
Thanks to our great teacher, Sir Salman Qutbi for providing such valuable information to us and in fact inspired me to compose an article about the wise games of China behind mounting its financial strategies in the masked politics.
Jaazib Saeed – HiAST