Hell is empty and all the devils are in Pakistan

Posted on April 8, 2017 Articles

Dr Ali Ahmad
London/ 08/04/2017

Pakistan politicians may be likened to germs infecting the body politics of Pakistan and causing severe damage to the state of Pakistan. Their whole existence is seen as the conglomeration of attempts to eat up the resources of the state and their sneaky ways to evade the hands of justice is evident from the proofs presented in defence in the Panama case. Pakistan’s institutions are hijacked, corrupted and used for their own purpose by Nawaz shareef and Zardari turn by turn. The parliament is an undemocratic one—-the parliament of devils— as the deterioration of economic growth, reduced public expenditure, poor delivery of public services, and undermining of the rule of law are the creation of parliamentarians who enter the parliament not via people’s vote.The corrupt parliamentarians, who do not deliver but devour, are an evil force against the nation and they endanger the existence of Pakistan. They create ‘poverty bombs’ and they are economic terrorists.
The verdict on Panama case is being anxiously awaited and it will be come as the curse of the hungry, the renewed hope of the poor, answer to the cries of the widows of Pakistan. The ownership of London Flats by Sharif family, Mariyam Nawaz being the beneficial owner of offshore companies, source of investments for setting up steel mills in Dubai and Jeddah and gifts made by Sharif families to each other all has surfaced the corruption of the family.

Nawaz Sharif is guilty in the court of public opinion as the public is now very clear about the issues. The verdict of the Supreme Court will hopefully provide great consolation to the sighs of the oppressed people of Pakistan. It is expected that this decision will be considered as a landmark verdict in the history of Pakistan. Not only will it be a fair decision per se but it will also make the morbid institutions of Pakistan such as the Election Commission, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) truly functional. Although some encouraging functional outcomes are expected, it is too soon as yet to tell exactly what policies or strategies would be followed.

Imran Khan, PTI Chairman, has achieved enormous success in creating political awareness in the common folk. If the decision comes against PM Nawaz, the restoration of trust in state institutions will be restored and sincere leadership like Imran Khan will not face hurdles to serve the nation and steer Pakistan towards success and prosperity.