A Triangle of Necessities: Imran khan, the judiciary and the military

Posted on April 1, 2017 Articles

Dr Ali Ahmad

Every healthy democratic state prides itself on its human rights record and its willingness to uphold principles of equality, human dignity, liberty and due process. The state of Pakistan unfortunately suffers from lack of these essential elements. Pakistan corrupt political leadership is the sole reason for the multitude of problems the masses are facing with and the absence of these attributes in the general texture of Pakistan as a state are the negative symptoms of the diseased psyche of Pakistan.
Pakistan political elites unfortunately lack that moral and ethical greatness which is considered vital to the very growth of a nation. The picture of PM Nawaz Shareef reflects our standards as a nation. Panama papers revealed what type of devil is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The richer the politicians become, the poorer the public becomes and this vicious circle manages to continue. The political leadership is ready to cross any extent for their selfish motives. They do not have the brains to think for the nation and they don’t have the heart to feel for those who die of starvation. Pakistan is no less than Somalia in terms of having millions of malnourished children and Pakistans is also home to princesses like Maryam Nawaz.
Pakistan politicians’ palaces in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Australia are the standing proofs of their being economic terrorists. The nation seems utterly disappointed from the devilish leadership. Imran Khan, however, is the only ray of hope in this gloomy darkness. This hope will be realised if the Supreme Court gives a fair decision on Panama case and take other measurement to correct both the political and bureaucratic set ups.
We must elect the brilliant and brightest among ourselves for the Provincial and National Assemblies seats which are being occupied currently by the corrupt politicians — Hundreds of Zardaris and Shareefs. And this is impossible unless the Election Commission is made independent. PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s main slogan to make the electoral system independent is the most right one. The judiciary and the military must come to the rescue of the nation at this critical juncture. Further delay in this regard will more likely kick Pakistan back, with worst consequences.