Pakistan’s political elites and bureaucracy

Posted on January 26, 2017

Dr Ali Ahmad


Pakistan was created as a result of the Pakistan Movement in 1947. Upon gaining independence, Pakistan inherited a strong bureaucracy from the British Raj. However, there has since been no significant change in this bureaucratic set up, rather it became increasingly corrupt. It seems that corruption has seeped into the higher echelons of bureaucracy. Buraucracy, the servant of the rulers, in Pakistan has intentionally been made up from such material that can be easily moulded by the rich such as Nawaz Sharia and Zardari.
Unluckily, Pakistan has always remained the same as a less fortunate state in the sense that it has almost always remained deprived of sincere leadership. The political elites of Pakistan are senseless, shamless, liers , killers and so on. Pakistan is buried in debts and the faultering finance is visible in poor health care, an unstructured educational system and a weak international trade. Most of Pakistanis live in inhuman conditions because of the extreme poverty, hunger, disease,unemployment, lack of education and both inexperienced and corrupt administration.

The electoral system operates for the rich against the poor. The judiciary serves as a puppet in the hands of the political wing. Buraucracy in Pakistan is servant of the government. The whole scenario gets polluted by the corrupt politicians. Resultantly, the country’s economy is moaning under the burden of IMF dues.
The current saga of Panama Papers showing and exposing PM Nawaz Sharif’s family as the holder of great wealth. This fact obviously arises some questions in the mind of every Pakistani: how have PM’s children turned billionaires in such a short span of time? This big interogation needs a fair judicial probe.

The Papers appear to have badly dented the credibility of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who now faces the battle off his political career to ensure the continued premiersship. PM Nawaz Sharif recent secret meeting with Qatar Ambassador in London and requesting Qatar Shehzada to help him in Panama Case trial at Islamabad is one of the endeavours PM Nawaz is making in this battle.

In civilised societies, ruling elites strictly follow certain moral and ehical codes. By contrast, in Pakistan, moral and ethical values are are so easily disgraced at the hands of politicians . Lies, swears, fake appearance in the public are just few amongst the abominable qualities of the body politics of Pakistan. We are being ruled by thieves like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari, who have had total disregard for the interests of the poor. Their children’s accounts soar magically by billions in a matter of just a few months, whilst children of the unprivileged class die of malnutrition, ill health and diseases .

Nevertheless the question of what will help end corruption from the political as well as bureaucratic set up.