What Happend When Girl Ask For Autograph From Junaid Jamshed

Posted on December 14, 2016


‚óŹrepost The moment I heard the tragic news of todays crash and Junaid Jamshed being one of the victims, I was in a state of utter disbelief. Just like someone very close to you departs – its the very same feeling, God knows why but its truly like that. I quickly scrolled back my camera roll to find the picture I took of him when I met him a couple of months back. Little did I know he will be gone forever in a few months time.. I met JJ about 8 months back while on board from Lahore to Karachi. That was a fan moment for me! I have been his fan since Dil Dil Pakistan days and followed his transition closely. I admired him then, I admired him now. It was the time of Maghrib when our plane departed and he offered his namaz. Right after that I recall, our plane trembled as the weather was smoggy and flight was quite shaky. His wife held his hand and rest her head on his shoulder. I was seated right behind him so I could see it all. Just then, he started talking about the importance of duas during journeys and how the Sahabas used to travel. The importance of Namaz and how beautiful our deen Islam is. I leaned forward so I could listen to him clearly and undoubtedly whatever he was saying was beautiful. I was so lost in his speech that I hardly realized how quickly the flight passed. Before the flight landed, I wanted to talk to him and let him know how much I admired him but unfortunately, I couldn't gather enough strength. All I did was extended my boarding pass to him for an autograph right before we landed, and this is what he wrote to me; ' Fikr -e- Akhirat ko Barhain' Duago- Junaid Jamshed Today, this line makes so much more sense to me. Life is unpredictable. Anything can change in a blink. You never know if tomorrow you'll be alive to run after your worldly affairs or will be 6 feet under the soil. Whats important is how much you have earned for your Akhirat. The life here after which we take for granted is promised. This worldly life which we run after is nothing but an illusion and we are so lost here that only such tragic news wakes our Iman for a little while before it goes back to sleep again. -Nadya H.Sadiq #junaidjamshed #Planecrash #chitral #Pakistan

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