Height of CORRUPTION in Services Hospital Lahore

Posted on November 23, 2016 Articles

What is Services Hospital Lahore or Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS)

Not one of the best, but the best Hospital in Lahore which is totally funded by the GOV of Pakistan. Now SIMS is not just a Hospital, it’s also a University and a School for Nursing. Equipped with the state of art Emergency & Trauma center and a separate cardiology block. Also a separate OPD which helps more then 500 patients daily.

At the end positive points of SIMS does not end.

SIMS is like a human body and every part of this body from the laborer to the CEO needs to work honestly and relentlessly to improve this body.

Now just imagine if a part of this body starts to do things which will in the end. Become a very bad image for this great Hospital.
What will happen then and more importantly what if a person who’s in a class which includes the poor people of Lahore. Starts doing things which creates a bad image for the Hospital and also creates a lot more inconvenience than it already is in a poor person life. What will be the result. Well SIMS will be known as the Hospital which created inconvenience for the patients. Rather then to fix whats wrong with them.

Parking is that much of a hassle. You pay the required fee and You can park your vehicle.

But it’s a very important thing for a patient and for the loved ones of the patient admitted in the Hospital. Now i with personal experience, people frequently need to go to the lab for tests or to the pharmacy for medicines. Go out for food and well a the frequent in and out all those parking tickets they cost a lot. Minimum of 100 PKR is required daily in a Hospital for only and only parking tickets.
But what if the people who are handling the parking.
Start to charge more then the fixed price for per parking ticket. The already a lot poor individual will be thrown in a hole of financial problems.

Poor people of Pakistan already can’t pay 100 PKR minimum for daily parking tickets. How will they pay extra for one’s greed. How will one financially care for their patient if they are forced to pay extra for parking tickets…

Now there can be only two reasons why this is happening, also greed is in all both reasons.1. The Hospital staff is in on it.
2. The Hospital staff isn’t in on it and the people who are doing this crime doesn’t care.
3. Oh and a small Police station in this Hospital and maybe the police is in on it, Punjab Police is known for these kinda things.

Well this is what i think, that people should care for another, that’s all.

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Was This The Main Plan!!!

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