Reason of Rise of Terrorism

Posted on November 20, 2016 Articles

The story that was started from ‘World Trade Center Attack’, turn out to be the reason of rising ‘Terrorism’. Later it was proved that purpose of attack on afghanistan was not to abolish Terrorism but to demolish Afghan Islamic System that was to be successful for conducting peace in Afghanistan. Terrorism was almost about to end, borders were becoming peaceful and environment was going towards peacetime. Now the question is raised… what was the sense of Afghanistan attack?? If it was done to kill ‘Usama Bin Laden’, therefore it could be done by surgical strike or drone attack. Why they destroy so many Afghan families and lives by attacking over them? Hence, world trade center attack and the decisions taking in result of that incident, make it suspicious. In result attack on Afghanistan does not only boost the evil of Terrorism but also the whole world seems to be affected. However, America proved to be successful in demolishing an ‘Islamic state’ though he did not get any satisfactory victory to end ‘Jihad’. Due to blessings of Jihad America was not to be successful to achieve all of his goals but it was trapped in well of Decline, Solitude and Slander. Furthermore, peaceful environment of North-East zone has also been disturbed. Bomb blasts and Drone attacks, kill the innocent citizens, that not only develop the feelings of hate as well of revenge too. Though, the world was moving towards the religious and cultural clashes, yet America and its alloy were totally failed to get a complete hold of the government of Afghanistan. Due to such Anarchy Afghanistan proved to be a ‘Haven on earth’ for Warriors. Warriors from all over the world started moving towards Afghanistan. Thus the land of Afghanistan was turned into war-field. Pakistan also lost control over the borders that consists of mounts and difficult paths. Additionally, due to Tribal Customs, Historical Background and Geographical settings, it was almost impossible to control the border. America set this attack without taking Pakistan in confidence, therefore Pakistan did not get any time to secure its borders. Warriors start illegal migration from Afghanistan and they (international controls) blame Pakistan to shelter them, though Pakistan was unaware of this migration. Therefore, they got an excuse to attack in tribal areas of Pakistan. Besides they pressurize Pakistan forces to take actions against them and in this whole game warriors blame Pakistan for such attacks. Hence they develop a sense of hate and fire of revenge. As far as government of that time is concerned, they were busy in survival of their dominance. They were not able to tackle the ‘American Pressure’ and started operation in tribal areas. This operation took lives of many innocent citizens.
In result this revenge and hate converted into terrorism.
Criminals and smugglers started to take part in it, Anti-Islam and Anti-Pakistan controls invest to get their own benefits and national conflicts also get a chance to settle a new grouping. Some political elements who were already taken the oath on the hands of Anti-Pakistan powers, were also available with a golden chance to complete their grey-actions. Some of the political wolves also use such terrorists for their benefits. Hence everyone played well in this game of terrorism and hunt the lives of innocent Pakistanis. Moreover, religious scholars were fail to spread an obvious view, hence terrorism was thrived across the country. Corrupt politics take full fledge benefits in the back of terrorism, but they never think about its terminations.
Hence, the war which was started from World Trade Center, remained useless, except originating the uncontrolled evil of terrorism, therefore, Usama Bin Laden was killed by surgical strike that might be possible earlier.
(to be continued….)