Trump win, what next?

Posted on November 10, 2016 Articles

Trump win, what next?
8th of Nov 2016, the people of USA cast vote, on the same evening results start coming opposite to every prediction in the US. After mid night on Nov 9, it was clear that trump is the clear winner of this election. Everyone around the globe asking one question, what next?
Why people are scared as trump president of USA. Well, to answer that we need to look back, the following things were agenda of his campaign during elections.
1) Appoint special prosecutor to look into Clinton email and Clinton foundation.
2) Build a wall, it’s will a great wall.
3) Deportation of immigrates, especially Muslims, Mexican and Latinos.
4) Ban Muslims entry into US.
5) Ban on abortions.
6) Ban on gay marriages.
7) Climate change is hoax created by China
8) Many other things…
Above some short version what he said and believed during the election campaign. Well he do all this stuff, yes he will b/c he win on the same things. He doesn’t owe anything to anyone, let face it. He won this election and surprises everyone. Why he wouldn’t?
Now let’s make it simple, people vote him and he is going to be the next president of USA, deal with this truth. The real Questions is how it will affect the world. So here is it. He is against Iran deal, Obama care, Climate Change, against China, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, NATO and many more. Will both house of USA will allowed him to do so is question, we will get answer in future. But one thing is clear it going to white house with white American.