Posted on November 4, 2016

Now with the #IslamabadLockdown behind us and the start of Talashi in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

One or two or many are thinking, that, was this always the plan Imran Khan had. For one of the biggest political cricket matches of his life. To say no to #IslamabadLockdown if the Supreme Court of Pakistan starts Talashi into #PanamaLeaks

It’s good that the SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN is probing this case now. But the question is will the SCoP be enough to bring down an empire of a King or will the EMPIRE strike back only time will tell. Which the best Law minds of the Country and from abroad are saying that this case is a open and shut case and will only take a week to determine Dodh ka Dodh or Pani ka Pani, or as a very great person MubasherLucman likes to say Dodh ka Dodh or Tezaab ka Tezaab.

And what if the EMPIRE strikes back and the SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN isn’t enough to take down the strain which is poisoning my great Country Pakistan.

Will a third power arose from the shadows or will everything stay like it is ?

A very big question mark it is indeed, and another question mark, what third power will that be, because the people of Pakistan are asleep including me and I don’t think where gonna wake up very soon.

That leaves the Honorable Army of Pakistan but no body wants that, nobody wants the Army of Pakistan to be thrown into a political matter. The Army is already doing all they can or all they can do in the current circumstances.