PM India Narindra Modi’s Balloon Punctured

Posted on September 27, 2016 Articles

London: Where does Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi live? Where does a fool live? In fool’s paradise? Of course, Narindra Mody is a fool and when a fool gets angry, he behaves like Mr Modi because he always make face like he did a couple of weeks ago. Mr Modi is a fanatic PM of a lunatic nation, a cunningly opportunistic leader to blame Pakistan even when he gets diarrhea, saying it’s the conspiracy of the neighbour country.

What made the fool silent did not take the world aback at all because India has long been known in the international community as roaring at the neighbours.

PM Modi, if u had the pluck to strike Pakistan, you would have done this long ago. PM Mody, you look like a helpless caricature. Very helpless! You know PM? Hindus will get wiped from the surface of the globe and we will be very thankful to you if you get the courage and start war with Pakistan.

Pakistan will not succumb to threats by India and will not shy away from extending political, diplomatic and moral support to the people of occupied Kashmir.The violation of human rights in Kashmir and rejection by India of the UN resolution clearly depicts the barbaric character of India, which has very shamelessly killed thousands of innocent Kashmiris. Indian attitude of hurling baseless allegation at Pakistan and its avoidance to hold meaningful talks with Pakistan are the principal hurdles for peace in the region.

Dr Ali Ahmed

Email : [email protected] Com

25 September 2016

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