India must think before commiting the blunder of striking Pakistan

Posted on September 22, 2016

India must think before committing blunder of attacking Pakistan

London: India”s warning to strike Pakistan and Pakistan”s explicit expression of striking back signal amply to potential nuclear destruction of the zone.

Indian PM Narendra Modi, a paradigm of bad nature, might go to the extent in his hatred towards Pakistan to attack it, to destroy it and to disappear it’s appearance from the map of the world. And the very next characteristic feature of Modi”s character clearly speaks of the stupidity of his dream, a dream which is not only a terror for Pakistanis but for the Indians themselves-a holocaust of atom bomb, a revival of Hiroshima and Nagasaki picture. Millions of people across the border will die, cities will disappear, life will be sighing to death, not only the life of humans but life as a whole.

Dr Ali Ahmad

22 September 2016