Kashmir protests: Boy’s funeral draws thousands

Posted on September 18, 2016 Articles

Thousands of people have defied a curfew in Indian-occupied Kashmir to attend the funeral of a schoolboy whose body was found riddled with pellet wounds, local media report.
Police reportedly fired teargas at mourners. Kashmir is under lockdown as protests against Indian rule continue.
More than 80 people, nearly all anti-government protesters, have died in more than two months of violence.
Nasir Shafi was found dead after going missing on Friday in Srinagar.
An almost complete curfew is now in place in Kashmir, part of the Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir state.
Some reports say Nasir Shafi was 11 years old.
Correspondents say restrictions on free movement and internet use are at their tightest since street demonstrations began on 9 July.

They were sparked by the killing of a popular militant leader in a gunfight with the army.

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