FIA Detects ‘Irregularities, Bungling’ in Four PCB Projects

Posted on August 23, 2016 Articles

PCB’s Top Brass Involved in Corruption in 4 Major Projects, FIA Investigation

Federal Investigation Agency(FIA) has recently started an inquiry against Subhan Ahmed who was appointed as the COO of PCB in 2010. It says that there has been some noticeable financial corruption & irregularities in PCB.

FIA sources say that the investigation helped in bringing forward the misappropriation of millions of rupees. It further pointed out that there are almost four major projects in which PCB was showing irregularities regarding the finances.

Not only this, but Subhan Ahmed has been associated with PCB for two decades so this kind of experience did help him in taking successive favors from Chairman Shehreyar Khan at the cost of giving domestic favors to his wife.

According to FIA officials, they detected a bank guarantee of Rs 8.6 million by a contractor while constructing Garhi Khuda Bakhsh Stadium in Larkana, which was fake. Then there was another fraud of Rs 5.6 million in the construction of a Cricket Academy in Multan.

FIA is currently investigating such irregularities in the construction of a bio-mechanical laboratory and a Far End Pavilion in Qaddafi stadium. Last year, PCB sent almost 32 players to Australia for the testing of bio-mechanics which cost them more than Rs 10 million.

Now, the most astonishing thing of all is that PCB started a project of Far East pavilion in Gaddafi Stadium almost 8 years back, and so far the incomplete project has cost PCB Rs 300 million.
While investigations were underway, even the contractor U.Q. and Sons accused Subhan Ahmad of not giving the electrical drawings. They further said that Subhan Ahmed didn’t release the payment of Rs 30 million which was agreed. So, the projects and equipment have become outdated now.

“The board has allegedly made excessive payment against the work completed in the project,” FIA said. Also, no consultants were appointed for this project which is in the rule book of PEC and Public Procurement Regulatory Authority.

“Illegalities and misappropriation of funds in different projects was not possible without the collusion of both parties — the PCB and the contractors.” FIA further said. However, PCB denied all the allegations. It said that they fired Col (R) Mohammad Bashir, of infrastructure department because the inquiry committee recommended this action. PCB defended the Cricket Academy project by saying “The said amount (mobilization cost) was an advance payment required due to hurdles being faced in the completion of the project. The payment was later adjusted against the total contract amount and the PCB did not suffer any loss. For the Far End Pavilion project, the additional payment was not excessive and it had to be made due to revision of designs by the consultant,” said the spokesman.