FAST NU Lahore Admin Tells Parents To Sit On Stairs At Convocation

Posted on August 11, 2016

To all the students that worked hard for the past 4 years and got an admission at FAST NU Lahore, welcome to hell. You guys have no idea what you are getting yourself into. Instead of rambling on let me give you an example of how great the FAST NU Lahore Admin is.
A student went to register for convocation, his only mistake was that he went late. As always is the case at FAST NU Lahore if you are late for anything you have to pay a late fee. Think about it for a minute, you spent 4 years of your life here. Sometimes even more. Can’t you even let go of the late fee this one time? Way to go FAST NU Lahore, way to go. Goes to show how the education system in Pakistan is nothing more than a business.
So this guy goes to the FDO( Front desk officer). He asks for tickets for his parents too and he is told that there are no more seats available so his parents will not be able to attend the convocation. For god sake FAST NU Lahore. We have seen enough in the past 4 years and the only reason why we can’t come to the convocation in the first place is to have this one day to ourselves where our parent can be proud of us. Believe me when I say no FASTian wants to stay and we all are pretty happy to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.
So the guy goes to the higher admin to sort this our and I don’t really know what his post is, he is the controller of examination or something like that. The guy takes up this issue with him and what he says is the most disrespectful thing that I have heard so far in all my time at FAST NU Lahore. This is what the FAST NU Lahore Admin had to say and these are his words, not mine:


Parents and at times students pay FAST NU Lahore Lakhs and this is how they treat students? This is how they talk about our parents? So we can’t say shit about our university or the education system but they have the right to disrespect our parents? Hats off to this guy who did not break FAST NU Lahore admin guys face. Hats off dude and respect, you have my respect. Not everyone has the patience to deal with this kind of nonsense.

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