Call for repeal of cyber crimes law

Posted on August 9, 2016

Civil society members Sunday staged a protest demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club (LPC) against the new cyber crimes bill which was passed by the Upper House of the Parliament, Senate, a few days back.
Carrying placards and banners inscribed with anti-bill slogans, the protesters took out rally from Davis Road to Lahore Press
Club where they staged the demo.
The protesters termed the bill against fundamental rights of people, granted in the Constitution.
They chanted slogans in favour of freedom of expression and right to freedom of speech.
Terming the bill a dangerous weapon that could be used to snub the right of dissent of the polity, the protesters called for striking down of the bill.
They demanded that the government should act upon the true principles of democracy and allow diverse opinion instead of providing an exploitable took which can be used to persecute those who criticise those in the corridors of power.
Leading the protests, Ammar Kazmi of Zmeen Zaad movement said this bill will lead to the upbringing of a snubbed generation which cannot in anyway lead to a healthy society. ¬He added that the ruling elite of the country was introducing such laws only to discourage people’s ways of thinking on certain matters.