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The London based self-exiled maverick head of Pakistan’s Muthada Qaumi Movement (MQM), Altaf Hussain has begotten yet another issue. This time round, it’s a male issue!

According to unconfirmed reports, London is abuzz with stories of Altaf Hussain having a love child, a 6-year-old boy, from his East European sweetheart Katie. The couple has reportedly been dating for 10 years now.

It is now understandable in retrospect, what thoughts used to preoccupy his mind and why Altaf Hussain often used to give ‘sex lessons’ in his recent live telephonic addresses to MQM workers including women.

Speeches, videos and images of MQM leader Altaf Hussain were banned from being broadcast in print and electronic media by Lahore High Court (LHC) in September last year. His predominantly incoherent and dementia marked speeches used to be and still are vehemently against the ideology and sovereignty of Pakistan. In one such harangue, he remarked, “Making of Pakistan was the greatest blunder in the history of mankind.”

Moreover, he made many speeches against the spirit of peace and military operations carried out by the Pakistan army.
His speeches had the elements of vulgarity and he used sexual and abusing language during his speeches. Thus Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority was ordered by the LHC to ban his speeches.

Moreover, MQM head Altaf Hussain and its party leaders had been seen accusing PTI chairperson Imran Khan of siring an illegitimate daughter, Tyrian White from an American woman.
A silent pause came in MQM campaign against Imran Khan when an interesting fact was revealed in the media that MQM head Altaf Hussian was having an affair with the East European woman ‘Katie’, the sources claim.


The story does not end here as it was revealed by the sources that Katie has a ‘Love Child’ with Altaf Hussain, who is now six-years-old.
According to British law, if a man gets married with a woman then it is the responsibility of the couple to get their marriage registered.
So in this case, Altaf Hussain is violating the British law by having secret wife and love child.

Besides, the sources also revealed that Altaf also pays frequent visits to a London mental asylum for treatment. It is speculated that he is actually suffering from mental ailments but exaggerating and feigning as well to escape punishment from courts in Azeem Tariq and other cases.

Whatever the matter is, future of MQM seems at stack if it continues under the leadership of Altaf Hussain. The severe controversies surrounding his personality would lead the party into everlasting state of disgrace where it would wish that the ‘minus-one’ formula should have been been applied earlier.

Furthermore, the former Mayor of Karachi, Syed Mustafa Kamal’s exit from MQM and his return as the head of PSP gives more strength to evidences against Altaf Hussian. He has openly quoted Altaf as inhumane for people of Karachi and Pakistan.

However, with the latest revelation of Altaf Hussain’s love child, he can no longer dupe his gullible followers with his antics and histrionics.

( is not claiming this news item as these facts have been claimed by a London-based Pakistani citizen Tariq Mahmood. Mr Tariq Mahmood is working in Pakistan Patriotic Front organization as chairperson. This body is based on Pakistanis expatriates living in London. Moreover, also invites MQM leader for rebuttal and denial and we, the Baaghi.TV will also be pleased to publish the version of MQM leader Altaf Hussian.)