Deaths in Thar

Posted on April 29, 2016

Dear Imran Khan Bhai,
Leader of Pakistan, Leader of PTI

I think that you are the fist and last hope for Pakistan, I know that you are the best politician and leader of Pakistan, Now a days you are engaged in Panama leakes but on the other hand the deaths in thar Sindh is on peak. As you know PPP sindh is the best example of bad governance. In this time why you are not going to Sindh.

You can establish Cancer hospital in Lahore then why you dont inter in Babul Islam Sindh and save the lives of poor sindhis in thar, I think you can establsih emergency hospitals, emergency medical centers , mobile medical centers, If you can not do then tell, But I am confident that you will leave your other engagements and shall travel to thar,

I know that you left your DHarna and went to Army public school , Peshawar incident. At this moment I think you are the man who can save the lives of poor people. I know that you dont need politics, but you need Pakistan.

This request is from Sweden, If you need I can come and help you out,

I think all people are waiting for the revolution.


Gada Hussain Ujjan
hussain,[email protected]

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