Ghandhara- our roots

Posted on April 17, 2016 Articles

I feel amused when some Indians claim that India is the root and identity of Pakistan in the world and not vice virsa. It may be true for some low IQ level people who don’t know the history of this region. Pakistan, geographically, has been a gateway of the world to India for centuries and its first line of defense. Pakistan has been a seat of Iranian, Greek, Kushan, White Huns and Muslim empires and its people are the descendants of these empires, hence different from Indian races. Bhuddism would have remained a native indian religion and not have its renaissance in the world, if it had not embraced with the pre existing Greek and Bactrian traditions of the people of this region. India will always remain indebted to the people and region of Pakistan for its glory of history. Even the very name India is derived from Indus river of Pakistan. All the great civilizations (except British) entered India through Pakistan, so Pakistanis were always at the helm of any social or political change that imbibed into the indian fabric.