Vulgarity, Nudity and Consumerism (Part I)

Posted on April 11, 2016 Articles

The sad thing about our society today is that people like me are called bigots, ultra-conservatives and narrow-minded people; when we speak out against the growing vulgarity nudity, vulgarity and consumerism in our society.
“You are still living in the stone-ages,” lamented the person, “You should know that we are living in the 21st century; so what if a woman wears tight clothing with body exposed, so what if a guy drinks alcohol and consumes money on cars, phones and other materialistic possessions excessively. Grow up! The world is changing, it’s people like you, who are halting progress…”
The above statement is usually the answer, people like me get; when they are preaching against materialism, vulgarity and degeneracy. And sometimes, I am amazed by the shamelessness of these people.
First of all, living in the stone-ages has nothing to do with opposing shamelessness. Rather, it was in the stone-ages, when women were running around naked with meagre clothing to cover their body. Even today, there are many places in backward parts of Africa, where women are running around naked. Does that make them modern and sophisticated, or parallel to the modern world? Animals have no clothing. As the human race enhanced its qualities, they went towards covering their bodies. Only animals and savage, uncivilized nations practise nudity today. Unfortunately, people are again turning back towards that era now, under the cloak of modernism, secularism and liberty.
What paved the way for modern era was technology, science, justice, human rights and other fruits bore out of the sacrifices and tribulation faced by the scientists, inventors, artisans, philosophers, etc.
As far as I know, scientists, innovators and inventors were not nude, the didn’t promote degeneracy or vulgarity. The modern technology was not a product of shamelessness. Quite the contrary, it was a product of intelligence, love for the mankind and goodwill. If being modern means being degenerate, then I guess, all the inventors, doctors or engineers (who contributed to humanity) were prostitutes.
People who accuse us of being bigots, conservatives or narrow-minded, should know the fact, that being modern is being educated: to enhance the qualities of reading and writing, to acquire mastery over any one field that benefits humanity as a whole, and most of all to be good and humble towards fellowmen.
Whether it be 21st century or the 50th, the degeneracy and shamelessness always causes the society to collapse. It disintegrates family, makes woman a object, rather than a mother, sister, daughter and a modest female who fights shamelessness and protects family.
And furthermore, strong and united families can produce strong, responsible and productive citizens for the society. Citizens who can educate, invent or innovate. Those who can add to the society, rather than denuding the society of its social fabric and moral fiber.
Read the biography of any great personality, you will find they had a stable family life. Wife supported the husband and vice versa. Children grew up with the love of their family.
Nudity, vulgarity and consumerism has nothing to do with being modern. As mentioned earlier, it’s the people in the jungles, and people in the stone-ages, who were/are nude. The more human race progressed, the more it went towards covering their body. The more it went towards nuclear family, the more it safeguarded the chastity and honour of their daughters and sisters.
Note: The second part will be uploaded next week on Monday. Thanks for reading.