Posted on April 11, 2016 Articles

Panama leaks have shattered many worldwide, including Pakistan, but reaction in Pakistan is totally different. Instead of taking up opportunity by proving the allegations wrong or going for proper investigations, Politics of mud throwing have started. Strangely course adopted is entirely wrong, throwing allegations on PTI or article against Former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf will not do any good to anyone. The only proper solution is a proper investigation through neutral and unbiased commission.

It has to be noted that one of articles against General Musharraf has been published in a newspaper which is owned by the person who himself is accused by Panama papers with ill intention to malign Former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf of being a billionaire without proper facts. It can be considered as a desperate effort to cover those who have been exposed by Panama papers and divert attention of the masses. No one can deny the fact, despite of constant efforts no one ever was able to accuse Gen Musharraf of corruption at any period of time. This is enough to establish his financial integrity.

By grace of the Almighty, he enjoys a good life style due to hard earned money and rewards he got from during the course of his career, i.e. Land on war gallantry, subsidized plots, etc. Which are part of Military career and everyone who deserves get them without any prejudices. No retired General is poor to the level as author of article wanting to impersonate. Here I want to add the person addressed here is not only former COAS of Pakistan, but he also remained President of Pakistan for considerable years.

Despite being COAS and President of Pakistan he was definitely financially stable, but never been lavishly rich. During his early days after leaving Pakistan to UK he stayed at his friend’s home in the initial months as he didn’t have the means to afford own accommodation. Things only changed for him when he began his lecture circuit. He was signed by the famous Harry Walker Agency, which also has notables like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mahathir Mohamad and Gerhard Schröder on their panel. Later he was ranked as world second highest paid lecturer, which resulted in better financial stability for him. This all happened again due to his efforts and hard work at the age when many others choose to retire and relax. He actively delivered lectures until his return to Pakistan in March 2013. Being a wise man he must have invested hard-earned cash from lectures wisely and established a stable financial cycle.

After all these years he served Pakistan as a solider on the front line to COAS and later President of Pakistan no one can expect him to be financially troubled or poor. Least he deserves is a respectable lifestyle which he is maintaining with his continuing efforts till day. Those who know him can testify that he is relishing a good lifestyle but not as lavish as many other Pakistanis despite being COAS and President.

It’s a shame when world leaders are reacting by resigning or initiating a probe and we are reacting by doing politics of mud throwing. In reality proper unbiased investigations must be launched on revelations of Panama papers. This is the best opportunity for the people who consider them clean to prove their innocence and challenge the allegations. Almighty Allah May protect Pakistan from all evils.

Pakistan Zindabad!