Panama Papers: Documentary Proof of PM Nawaz Sharif Corruption

Posted on April 11, 2016 Articles

Panama Papers: Curse for Nawaz Sharif

LONDON: Discussion of offshore centres can get bogged down in technicalities, but the best explanation I’ve found comes from expert Nicholas Shaxson who sums them up as: “You take your money elsewhere, to another country, in order to escape the rules and laws of the society in which you operate.” In so doing, you rob your own society of cash for hospitals, schools, roads and other necessities.The Panama Papers have shown the extent to which political elites in Pakistan conceal their assets.Financial secrecy represents a huge threat to the fragile economy of Pakistan, and we won’t solve the problem by politely asking tax havens to stop behaving badly. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there is a huge gap between the triumphant declarations of governments and the reality of what they actually do.The biggest fortunes have continued to grow much more quickly than the size of the economy, partly because they pay less tax than the others.

The secretive wealth of public power has been exposed as never before. This poses a serious test for politicians, which PM Nawaz Sharif failed.The Papers appear to have badly dented the credibility of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who now faces the battle of his political career to ensure the continued premiership.

Our Premier’s two sons and a daughter have been named in the documents for owning offshore businesses. While denying any wrongdoing, the PM has announced a judicial probe into the allegations against his family. The PM very cunningly makes attempts to dodge the nation into the make belief that he has done nothing wrong to us. How shamelessly this person says to the nation that a commission will be set to analyse the genuine status of the Papers! He tries to prove that he is an innocent, respectful Prime Minister of a very naive nation.

We as a nation can no longer continue to live under the illusion that the problem will be resolved on a voluntary basis, by politely requesting tax havens to stop behaving badly. It is urgent to bring PM Nawaz Sharif to justice. He needs to explain to us why he has looted the purse of the poor; why he has snatched loaf of bread from the mouth of the poor and why he has brought the country to the brim of financial collapse. If the PM of Iceland had to resign, the PM Nawaz Sharif will have to step down. If the PM of Britain had to face tough questions from his nation, then what makes us dumb?

Pakistani nation must have to be alert and conscious enough to stand for their rights and rally against this corrupt Premier of Pakistan. We have to save the country in which more than half the people live on less than $2 a day. The country cannot tolerate PM Nawaz Sharif, a highly corrupt, cunning politician, any more.
Dr Ali Ahmad
Email : [email protected]
10 April 2016