ARY GROUP – the next target in Geo and Jang Group’s Media Takedown list?

Posted on April 6, 2016

GEO/Jang media group has a well established reputation of playing dirty when it comes to Pakistani media scene. Known for exploiting their position as a news and media propagator in the country, the group is known to manipulate information and forge alliances with those in power as long as it is beneficial to their business. In this hunger for power and money, they are not above creating propaganda and elaborate schemes against their competitors in the industry. As per a leak through an insider source, Geo has a fully loaded scheme to takedown ARY Group along with its media wing is about to set in motion any day!

According to the informant, the takedown plan will hit the ARY Group at one of their not-so-legal business venture, ARY SAHULAT WALLET scheme, which is providing the services of a Debit Card without legally getting an operational go-ahead of acting as a financial institution while also committing money laundering via Speed Remit as well as committing fraud via ARY Gold Committee. Moreover, the group has been heavily promoting these products and services with various offers such as a lucky draw for 10 gm Gold for customers.

Locking down the target at this weak point of ARY Group, Geo/Jang group has colluded with a certain Law enforcement division of a takedown reminiscent to that of Axact/Bol Group. In the first step, the media channels of ARY Media group will be taken off air to mute their expected rebuttal media campaign; this time not getting into the pesky charade of cancellation of licenses but taking the uplinks of the ARY channels down directly by manually pulling them down during the raids. Then, upon the basis of the Sahulat Wallet Scandal, the legal crackdown on ARY group shall be pursued while Geo/Jang group will drag the case and those involved through a nasty media trail to double the impact on the rival media group.

Not being a spring chicken in this field, Geo is notoriously experienced in creating such controversies against its rivals. At first, it was the takedown of Bol Network owner, Shoaib Shaikh through Axact Scandal; which was followed by the Media Rating Scandal targeting the Express News owners, the Lakson Group – though due to Express not going off-air, the rebuttal couldn’t be muted. Now with this plan of action, Geo has its eyes set on creating a media monopoly by taking down ARY group for good. Though ARY Group is also no stranger to legal woes due to their business with ARY Gold Corruption Case against the group in 2010, but this time around Geo is taking no chances with covering all bases by first taking their transmission down and then grapple on them with this scandal.

Geo/Jang Group owners, Mir Shakil ur Rehman and Mir Ibrahim are not only planning these takedowns but also are preparing a plan B in case someone comes after them! The recent under-the-table takeover of Pakistani channels such as Filmazia is the part of the strategy to hedge their media presence keeping themselves on-air, in case their black deeds catch up to them and Geo/Jang Media channels face a similar crackdown. Another interesting phenomena that has occurred since this Filmazia takeover is the sudden hike in the ratings for its channel viewership – a full blown testament to the complicity of Geo/Jang Group and local media “rating and reporting” company MediaLogic’s Salman Danish.

The guns are loaded and the targets are locked. Now we have to just wait and see when GEO would be able to strike ARY Group out of the way by pulling the trigger, in the hopes of becoming the supreme media power in Pakistan with all the powers to exploitation this position.