Azad Kashmir under Threat !!

Posted on April 3, 2016 Articles

Azad Kashmir has always been the most peaceful region in entire Pakistan. Even when the whole Pakistan was being hit with bloody terrorism in previous 15 years Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan region remain safe. As we all know that after the occupation of Indian army over Kashmir back in 1948, Tribal mujahedeen from Pakistan finally decided to wage a jihad against them, Indian army was crushed and defeated .When our mujahedeen groups were just few Km away from Jammu Indian Prime minister of that time Jawahar Lal Nehru ran to UN and asked for their intervention. That was the biggest mistake Pakistan committed by trusting the words of Nehru and UN resolutions for which we are still paying its price!! Pakistan freed one third of Kashmir Anyways coming back to the main point

Pakistan has always maintained a position that the issue of Kashmir should be resolved in accordance to the will of Kashmir’s and that off course includes Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir has its own Prime minister, president, Assembly even a supreme court!! It has its own flag too. Pakistan has always stood on a moral high on Kashmir issue against India as not even a bullet has ever fired or any curfew ever been observed in this peaceful region but from previous few years I am seeing a deliberate attempts being made to disturb the peaceful atmosphere there and to weaken the position of Pakistan on Kashmir .

My reservation is against the political parties from Pakistan been allowed and launched in Azad Kashmir? How come they have been given this right? What purpose MQM,PMLN ,PTI ,PPP or any other political party has there ? We have seen them doing their petty politics. Why our politicians so immature to understand the sensitivity related to Azad Kashmir? Why they are desperate to wash their dirty laundry in Azad Kashmir which should be no politicized region? Event that happened some months back were exploited by India at their Tv channels. I am not a Nawaz shareef supporter but during his Jalsa Slogans like “ Go Nawaz Go’ were portrayed as anti Pakistan by Indian state . When Imran khan was there He also tried to equate elections happening in Indian occupied Kashmir with Azad Kashmir .Just imagine this!! Mr Imran khan how could you say that? When Elections happening in Indian occupied Kashmir are farce .Since when did Pakistan put 7 lac army in Azad Kashmir? Similarly the current Prime minister of Azad Kashmir who is from PPP also equated Nawaz shareef with Narendra Modi after the killing of the political workers there. So what is happening? These political parties from Pakistan must immediately be thrown out of the region, because for their pretty politics they won’t dare to destroy the whole Moral high position of Pakistan on Kashmir .These immature politicians are paving a favorable ground for hostile intelligence agencies to work in a peaceful valley. They could have kept themselves away by launching separate Azad Kashmir political wing of their respective parties but they decided to bring themselves in. Pakistan army must intervene and throw them out after picking them from their collars!! This whole Naya Azad Kashmir , Dharna politics, Roshan Azad Kashmir like political hooliganism is distorting the position of Pakistan on Kashmir . It will bring polarization and vote politics when every kashmiri should be united against Indian occupation over Kashmir .

“ It’s a request to all PTI , PMLN PPP MQM to keep your unclean politics in Pakistan and don’t drag domestic issues to Azad Kashmir “ You are being used by RAW !!!

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