KPK Police Constable Crying For His Former King Type Living Style – Well done KPK Govt

Posted on April 2, 2016 TOP User Videos, User Submitted



English Translation:-

1) “when he drives the Car, he is given a violation fine by police(Traffic).”

2) “He is called to come on duty very early in the morning, and saying that he can’t give time to his Family because of his duty.

3) “He is not respected in the Markets now, and people don’t even ask him for Tea.”

He is probably crying for his former King type living style, where they would sit in any hotel and Order them for free Tea, and would come late to duty(or perhaps won’t even come and still mark his attendance), and would drive the car without any fear even if they committed a huge violation because Traffic police being corrupt would let them go after knowing that he was also Police.